Storage under controlled temperature

Quality control and analysis

Slicing and packaging

Road transport

CONDIGEL is a French independent family group
which exist since 1976 and located at the heart of Le Havre port.

Its subsidiaries EFBS, PACKGEL, MAEX
are at the service of agribusiness actors.

Our activity
Logistic and services dedicated to food products under controlled temperature.

Our policy
Continuous improvement of our services quality
and our structures to satisfy
the needs of our client.

  • Our actuality

    February 2021: certifications renewal ASC / MSC / BIO / VPF

    Looking to the future, we areproud to announce that our Group successfully renewed its ASC, MSC, BIO and VPFcertifications last week. With these ASC...

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  • Our actuality

    January 2021: Happy New Year 2021!

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  • Our actuality

    December 2020: happy year-end festivities

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