Our CSR commitments

Our CSR approach

CONDIGEL is a family business with a human dimension, in full evolution, with strong ambitions of modernization and sustainability.

Expert in the production and distribution of food products, we contribute to the development of our customers' logistics.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments are therefore as much a part of our values as the activities we develop. In this approach, we combine social responsibility, economic development, food safety and respect for the environment.

All our actions demonstrate our determination to participate in sustainable food logistics, creating value for our customers, our employees, our partners and, more broadly, for the planet.

Stéphane Barbé
President of the CONDIGEL Group.

Territorial anchoring

  • We develop short circuits and responsible purchasing
    • By giving priority to regional suppliers and service providers
  • We promote employment in the region
    • By recruiting work-study students and interns from regional schools
    • By working with local temporary employment agencies
    • By collaborating with local actors
    • By giving priority to recruitment in the Normandy region

We adopt a responsible purchasing policy, but when we sometimes have to call on foreign suppliers we make sure that they respect and apply human rights.

Women and men

  • We promote safety and well-being at work
    • Improving the working conditions and well-being of our employees
    • Developing a safety culture within the Group
    • Giving employees the opportunity to work from home
  • We promote equality and diversity
    • Equalizing pay for women and men and accessibility to positions
    • Using disabled workers through specialized organizations
    • By participating in actions in line with our humans values : gender diversity, solidarity, respect for others
  • We are open to dialogue and are collaborative
    • By encouraging exchanges with employees : management committee, visual performance management, meetings between departments
    • By supporting the joint consultative committee in their missions
  • We develop our attractiveness
    • By promoting work-study programs
    • By encouraging internal promotions
    • By training our employees
    • By offering our employees bonuses and benefits
    • By offering a diversity of jobs

The environment

  • We respect the environment and biodiversity
    • By sorting and recycling waste
    • By working on the retrofit of machine rooms and equipment
    • By using road tractors that comply with the latest European standards
    • By using hybrid cars
    • By optimizing the filing rate of our means of transport and our warehouses
    • By dematerializing our documents
    • By reducing the weight of our packaging
    • By reducing the weight of our packaging
  • We contribute to the energy transition
    • By conducting an energy audit of our facilities in order to act in a more targeted and efficient manner
    • By monitoring our consumption on a monthly basis with a reduction target
    • Replacing the fluorescent lights on our site with LED (2 000 units)
    • By controlling our installations according to off-peak/peak hours
  • We are developing our competitiveness while following a sustainable approach
    • By being certified ASC, MSC, BIO, VPF, VBF
      • ASC : Aquaculture Stewardship Council
      • MSC : Marine Stewardship Council
      • BIO : Products from organic farming
      • VPF : French Pork Meat
      • VBF : French Beef Meat


  • We are innovative
    • By offering personalized services through our 3 businesses : storage (frozen, fresh and dry) / food processing / road transport ; « one-stop shop » offer
    • By being the French leader in -50°C storage
    • By regularly developing new food processes
    • By developing in-house software for optimized management of goods and information flows
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